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10 Signs that You Need to Detox

When your body is full of toxic substances from water and air, when you exaggerate with food, drinks, cigarettes or certain meds, your body reacts in a not so pleasant way. If you started sweating lately and you feel hot without a reason, your body might be trying to get rid of toxins by overheating […]

Benefits of Avocado for Weight Loss

Is avocado fruit or vegetable? Well, probably fruit. What’s important is that it’s healthy. And it can help you lose weight. How? Although it contains a big amount of fats, avocado can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight. (1) Avocado is a very good source of proteins and fiber. As a matter of […]

Best Tips to Lose Weight and Boost Metabolism

The metabolism is a process where our bodies turn food into energy. During that process, the calories from food and drinks combined with oxygen release energy that’s necessary for normal functioning. Some people have faster and some have a slower metabolism. The metabolism depends on many factors so it varies. Luckily, we can control it […]